Senior F5 Engineer


  • You will serve as the primary contact to design and develop solutions to distribute the network load across multiple devices.
  • You will provide expertise across a large enterprise and ongoing support, including Product and Services for security through web application firewall and application authentication and access, advanced firewall management (DDoS protection), traffic management, access policy management, IP intelligence and others, available in data center and the cloud.
  • You are in charge of identifying opportunities to apply key advances in network capabilities, infrastructure and applications to enhance the operations.
  • You rapidly identify and execute preventative actions, performing root cause analysis to achieve return to service and manage threats and vulnerabilities.
  • You will act as a mentor for the team members and provide insight to management as required.


Minimum Skills

  • You have obtained a bachelor’s degree or related experience.
  • You are F5 Certified Solution Expert or F5 Certified Technology Specialist.
  • You have 10 years’ experience installing, configuring, managing and troubleshooting F5 infrastructures.


Desired Profile

  • 15 years’ experience in integrated security solutions and platforms.
  • Proactively evaluates new methods and technologies to prevent threats and vulnerabilities, to maintain the performance of networks, infrastructure and applications.
  • Implements system monitoring, troubleshoots, corrective actions, software upgrades and refreshes.
  • Experience in system administration with Web Applications Firewalls (F5 ASM).
  • Experience configuring and managing various security platforms.
  • SQL programming experience.
  • DB and hardening experience.
  • Pen testing experience.
  • Experience in system administrator with cloud-based platforms.
  • Experience in IT life cycle development Best Practices including design, analysis, installations, proof of concepts, testing, configuration, change configuration management and quality checks.
  • Produce high standard of documentation and specifications.
  • Certification credentials in CISSP, CISM and demonstrable experience adopting ISO27000 series.


Other Skills

  • You have excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • You have experience working within fast paced environments.
  • You have excellent customer service skills.


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