IS4U partners with USERCUBE to offer a new Identity Management and Governance solution to her customers.

IS4U has been delivering its clients Identity Governance solutions for over 10 years based on solutions from different vendors. Each solution approaches Identity Governance from a specific angle and design. A lot of solutions have been around for a long time and have evolved through time to support changes in both tools and infrastructure. This evolution has taken the form of separate modules in almost all cases.


Usercube is a new solution specifically designed for the modern needs of the enterprise. Identity Governance can be managed by default functionality. Examples hereof are the role functionality, flexible data model and Azure SAAS support. Furthermore, Usercube offers a bundle of Governance functions that are very interesting to strive for GDPR compliance.


The design of Usercube forces a project approach where the crucial data needs to be present and validated by the client in the first phase of the project. The validation by the client is a hard requirement to make progress within the project. Because of this approach the Governance project gets better visibility in the clients environment and results in faster delivery of correct master data. Other solutions typically do not have this approach, which can cause issues in a later phase of the project.


The revolutionary design, the heightened flexibility and the underlying process make Usercube a strong combatant in the Identity and Governance market. Usercube therefore is a perfect addition to the solutions that IS4U uses today to serve its clients. Usercube is a leader in its market segment in France with reference such as Caisse d’Epargne Informatique et Technologies, Yves Rocher, Palatine Bank, Saint-Gobain and has started its international development end of 2016 via BeLux and Switzerland with La Luxembourgeoise, European Fund Adminstration and Dexia.

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