"The IS4U FIM2010 implementation has taken the hard work out of managing the identity lifecycle of our students and staff, freeing up time for providing higher quality personalized end user support." - Nico Bernaert, Operations Manager at Odisee
"We did not make a financial business case for this project because we were sure to get a return on our investment. You can't put a price on our improved risk management." - Jorg Leenaards, ICT Director at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

For the management of their internal users, KPN/Getronics planned an implementation of Oracle Identity Manager. For the definition of the architecture and the technical implementation, KPN/Getronics opted for a cooperation with Cronos/IS4U and Oracle Consulting.

Identity and Role management implementation.

IS4U was subcontracted by SUN for designing the second phase of the MVG's identity management solution, enabling delegated management of their user community. We implemented the design and handed over the solution to their IT services provider

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