Cloud Security

iWelcome is the first European Identity-as-a-Service provider. IS4U is the Belgian iWelcome integration partner.

iWelcome provides a Cloud based Identity and Access Management service (IDaaS) that allows organisations to securely and efficiently manage employee-, partner and customer credentials and access rights across internal-, external and Cloud applications.

Besides installation charges, there are no big upfront investments, you only pay the operational costs, depending on the functionality you need, the amount of applications you want to connect to and the level of integration with your on-site IT systems.

iWelcome also services Dutch governmental agencies with the iWelcome eRecognition Broker (eHerkenning) to integrate their services with the eRecognition federation ( This service handles approximately 80% of all the eRecognition traffic in the Netherlands.

iWelcome distinguishes itself from other IDaaS providers by:
• Being a European company;
• Using open standards & leading open source technology;
• Providing a full SaaS, including connectivity;
• Being certified (incl. ISO27001);
• Business Continuity Agreement;
• Single Tenancy;
• Default Customer branding;
• Pay-as-you-go, no big upfront investments needed, only operational costs.

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