Privileged Access Security

IS4U provides the best solutions in privileged access security. In daily practice it turns out that critical, highly privileged access security leaves a lot to be desired. For one, it's difficult to monitor the access activities of those highly privileged identities and, for another, passwords changes for the sake of security don't happen as often as you'd like.

In some cases, privileged access is required not only by the internal IT personnel, but also by external 3rd party vendors. This, again, requires extra care, such as secure remote access and secure session initiation without exposing the credentials. Powerful passwords are often found hard coded inside applications, scripts and parameter files, leaving them unsecured and visible to the world.

As the ‘Keys to the Kingdom’, mismanagement of privileged accounts impose great risks to organizations:

  • Audit & Accountability;
  • Insider Threat;
  • Loss of Sensitive Information;
  • Administration Overhead.

In short, your solution is our CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution  (PAS). PAS provides for:

  • Enterprise Password Vault;
  • Application Identity Manager ;
  • Privileged Session Manager.


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